A growing installation is developed during exhibiting and performing in art venues over six years. Since it is forbidden by law for Israelis to visit (most of) the Arab countries, we went on a search for pen-pals on online gay dating sites and as a starting point for a dialogue that oversteps borders (at least) virtually, we offered to make a watercolour portrait of each one. The work consists of correspondence with more than 100 chat-mates. Those that visited Europe we met and added their video portraits to the installation.

Dating Gil & Moti: performance, installation, video, painting. Exhibited among others at Haifa Museum of Art, Mumok Vienna, Muczarnok Budapest, W139 Amsterdam, Nikolai Kunsthal Copenhagen, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Tensta Konsthall Stockholm, Stavanger Kunstmuseum, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz. Made possible with the generous support of: CBK R’dam, Mondriaan Fund.

Dating Gil & Moti, 2004, exhibition view, Mumok- Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna, photo Mumok

Dating Gil & Moti, 2007, exhibition view, W-139, Amsterdam

Dating Gil & Moti, 2011, exhibition view, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen

Dating Gil & Moti, 2006, exhibition view, Mucsarnok, Budapest

Lebby, 2007, watercolor, each paper 36x26cm

Jamilo, 2006, watercolor , 36x26cm

Alaa, 2004, pencil, watercolor, 36x26cm

Humanexistance, 2004, watercolor, 36x26cm

Sharif, 2004, video, 3'00''


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