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Gil & Moti blog: From Rio with Love
During residency at Capacete – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,March - August 2017
Mondriaan Fund International Artist in Residency Program Grant

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Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR) presents a fantastic installation; a large gallery full of costumes, and audience is welcome to try them on. The costumes are created by artist Rivane Neuenschwander in a collaboration with fashion designer Guto Carvalhoneto and were inspired by children drawing their fears during an earlier workshop held at the museum.

Dialogues of the projection of gaze
Another intriguing exhibition at the MAR is to do with art and (escaping) the ínormí and is part of a series of exhibitions under the title: Art and Society in Brazil. The artist Lula Wanderley started parallel to his career as a visual artist, a poetic -clinical work with patients in psychiatric institution. Also here we were encouraged by the guards to touch and experience the art works.

To carioca kids with LOVE
Few hundred meters away from the MAR is the precious SARACURA; an independent space that is a meeting point between artists, architects, educators and neighbourhood residents. On the first floor, next to the architects’ office space, is an art gallery. On the ground floor artist Thelma Vilas-Boas with much love and devotion, organises intense program of varied artistic workshops (with established artists). We for example met Marcos Cardoso. She also regularly cooks for everyone what brings local kids, art and artists close to each other. Kids who would otherwise be strolling bored around the streets.

High society
A total other world is Jacaranda in Glória district. The foundation runs an art gallery and publish a glossy journal. It is located in private street behind a gate. At the opening day the guards exceptionally let us look around; a truly high society stylish street, audience and art space.

Museum of Modern Art Rio
The other day we went to the Museum of Modern Art Rio to meet Isabel Löfgren, a Swedish -Brazilian old friend. She’s installing her partner Mats Hjelm ambitious video installation. The opening will be in a few days and we had a sneek peak. On the way to see the installation, we crossed a huge gallery with spectacular views and brutal architecture that was completely empty. We were told that it will remain so. The financial crisis cuts everywhere it possibly can. We filled it up with the three of us, even for just one moment.

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