A performative video installation offers the viewer a psychological experience, a ten-meter-long drawing and a series of printed photos with short accompanying texts. The work represents the outcome of a one-and-a-half-year intensive creative, experimental and therapeutic collaboration with Mosab Anzo, a refugee painter from Syria. It reflects the dynamics between the three of us during work in the studio, travels back in time to Mosab Anzo’s Syrian history, visits to various asylum centers in the Netherlands, and encounters family members, friends and colleagues, including a long conversation with Hilde de Bruijn, senior curator of the Cobra Museum. With this project we examine aesthetic, thematic and mental aspects of war, trauma, detachment and integration.

MG&M Collective video, installation, painting, drawing, photography. Exhibited at Nieuw Dakota, Amasterdam. Made possible with the generous support of: O&O CBK R’dam, VSB Fund, Mondriaan Fund.

MG&M Collective, working at New Dakota, 2016

MG&M Collective, working at New Dakota, 2016

MG&M Collective, Future Perfect, 2017, drawing on paper, 150x1000 cm, detail.

MG&M Collective, social intervention, 2017

MG&M Collective, video recording at asylum center Dronten, 2017

MG&M Collective, Geen Idee Over Morgen, 2016-2017, full HD Video, 25’

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