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About us From the moment we created the duo Gil & Moti, in 1998, we have explored the notion of individuality and questioned forms and norms of identity. Sharing is an ongoing experiment on a visual, mental and physical level, which includes: always dressing identically, never going apart, owning one wallet, one phone and one pair of keys. The denial of the boundaries between private and public, performance and social intervention is central in our work, which often starts small, close to ourselves and rooted in our personal life, but soon extends to a variety of important socio-political themes, such as discriminated minorities, racism, otherness and social and economical status. As artists, a gay couple, Jewish born (ex)Israelis and immigrants living in Europe, we contribute to the critical cultural discourse about human relationships, being different, and about sets of rules that are supposed to regulate social existence. Switching effortlessly between classical and contemporary artistic mediums of expression, we continuously challenge ourselves and our audience by introducing creative and refreshing perspectives.

The Dutch Volunteers,2016, exhibition view, The Nederlands Fotomuseum, photo Studio Hans Wilschut

Video portrait for the exhibition Forget & Remember, Director & Editor | Aitan Ebrahimoff, DOP | Simon Meesters, Producer JCK | Nienke Fonk, Sound Operator | Sophie van der Meer, Music & Mix | David Coehorst, Grade | Luke Osbourne, Special Thanks to Joods Cultureel Kwartier, Allart van der Woude, and Judith Hoekstra